Trichology is the scientific study of the structure, function, disorders and health of hair and scalp. Clinical trichology works to diagnose and help treat problems such as dandruff, inflammation and hair loss. There are many causes for hair loss and disorders, however we as Trichologists try to help restore hair and scalp health by examining a client’s family history, nutrition intake, lifestyle, stress level and other such factors.

A student can register for classes on a one by one basis or enroll in a course package, as described below:

♦  Trichology 201:  Standard Trichology Practitioner
♦  Trichology 202:  Standard Trichologist
♦  Trichology 203:  Standard Trichology Instructor


Trichology 201: Standard Trichology Practitioner

This introductory course to trichology focuses on teaching the basic trichology treatments and sets up the student with a base knowledge to provide trichology services to clients at salons. Classes will mainly be focused on hands on training.


For Non-Licensed Cosmetologists

  • Beauty 101: Retail Beauty Business Practices
  • Beauty 102: Retail Beauty Wigs and Hair Extensions
  • Beauty 103: Retail Beauty Personal Care Products

For Licensed Cosmetologist

  • None

Duration: 30 hours over 5 days

We suggest each student to have a partner for practicing purposes.

To be certified student must be able to demonstrate a satisfactory level of service within a given amount of time for each step of the procedure at the end of the course.

If a student fails, he/she may retake the course for half of the tuition fee. (Limited to one offer per student)


Trichology 202: Standard Trichologist

The second course in the Trichology program series will be an online course. Students are expected to read the assigned chapters online with an exam that must be passed in order to gain access to the next chapter. This class focuses on teaching the theory behind trichology services as well as how to consult with clients to make customized treatment plans. As this is an intensive textbook focused course, online study guides and video lectures are provided.


  • Trichology 201: Standard Trichology Practitioner

Duration: Must be fully completed within 6 months of registration

After completing the online course, students are required to attend a 2-day in-class question & answer lecture to receive their certification.

Students must study the assigned chapter and pass the exam at the end of each chapter with higher than 75% correct in order to move onto the next chapter.


Trichology 203: Standard Trichology Instructor

This exclusive course is designed to train certified Trichologists who have demonstrated leadership abilities. Candidates must serve as an Assistant Instructor to a current Trichology Instructor to gain hands on teaching experience.


  • Must be pre-approved in order to register
  • Must have at least 2 years of salon experience.
  • Candidate must demonstrate a complete understanding of all textbook materials that were provided during the previous two Trichology courses
  • Candidate will serve as an Assistant Instructor under the supervision of an Instructor
  • Candidate must be able to demonstrate the procedures to others and pass other assessments in order to qualify as a candidate instructor.

Duration: Must gain hands-on experience as an Assistant Instructor for a minimum of 6 months





Trichology is study of hair and scalp that originally developed by the Institute of Trichologists (IT) in England more than 110 years ago.  Since the area of study is already covered by the dermatology, it didn’t make it as a part of medicine. 1974, University of Southern California reviewed study of Trichology but it failed to satisfy the academia.

In early 2000, a group of scholars from Asia explored Trichology and incorporate its traditional herbal treatments. After few years of trial and error, Eastern Trichology was formally developed.  The Korea, which recorded highest percentage of college graduates in the world, has more than 100 colleges and universities teaching cosmetology as 4-year comprehensive course. With their strong educational infrastructure, large pool of scholars contributed their work in development of Eastern Trichology. As a result, more than hundred books were published with new and innovative ideas.

Instead of looking at Trichology as a medicine, which already been rejected by medical professionals, Asian scholars simplified its theory and incorporated herbal natural therapy that has proven to work for thousands of years. The Eastern Trichology focus heavily on cleansing of scalp; reducing inflammation on scalp with herbal medications; and new scalp massage techniques that stimulating better circulation of blood and nutrients on scalp.

This newly developed study of trichology redefined itself as Eastern Trichology. With proven track record, it took off as wild fire and consumers are enjoying the service and additional hair growth. There are now more than 35,000 trichology centers operating in Korea. Interestingly, medical field has also adapted this new theory of Eastern Trichology and providing services to their patients. When including the number of medical clinics, there are more than 50,000 centers operating in Korea alone and numbers are growing rapidly.  The Eastern Trichology service has done its homework and making international debut.

The Institute of Hair-prosthetists and Trichologists (IHT) is laying down the groundwork for this sensational service to land in North America. In the market where number of people suffering from hair loss continues to rise, IHT projects about 50,000 new jobs, Trichologists, will be created before 2017 in US and Canada. Training courses will be provided thru Community Colleges nationwide.

This is new genre of cosmetology service proven to create new jobs and services. Millions of consumers already experienced this addictively pleasing of head massage, improvements on scalp condition, and physical evidence of hair growth. Trichology will the next sensation in beauty culture.