Extensions_1Available Classes:

1. Braids and Natural
2. Advanced Hair Weaving
3. Fusion hair Extensions

4. Hair Extension Instructor

Hair extensions are becoming new sensation among Caucasian consumers. Consumer’s desire for hair extensions are growing faster than number of cosmetologists providing the services. This course designed to guide you to take your share of market growth.

About 2.5 million packs of hair extensions are consumed each month in US. Until recently, majority of amount of extensions were consumed by the African American consumers. But the consumption parentages are changing visibly.

Surprisingly, survey shows that an average stylist has wrong impression on hair extensions. Many believe it is a service that takes too long, difficult to perform, and way too expensive for their clients. The hair extension industry offers lot more choices, techniques, and materials for anyone to service them.

Some stylists may haven taken classes given by a particular hair extension suppliers. Their limited method or outrageously expensive price of supply may have discouraged them.  The courses that BBIM provides do not represent any particular suppliers nor limited to certain attachment methods. We will explore all popular techniques you will need to know to cater to your diverse target clients.

Take the class and explore all possibilities the hair extensions can offer you.