Beauty Business Employee Training

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Demanded by the retail beauty stores, BBIM Institute created intensive training program for the employees working in beauty stores. This program is provided irregularly by the demand of the storeowners or each regional retail associations.

BBIM Designers Club

Upon completing of any single course the BBIM provides, you are entitled to become a member of the prestige Designer’s Club. By participating as a member, you will have first-hand access to the latest information, and will be exposed to prospective employers for job placements.

Beauty Industry Standard

BBIM actively collaborates with other groups of scholars to publish career development training manuals for the beauty industry. With these training manuals, we have published current manuals that set the standards of Hair Prosthesis and Hair Extensions, Trichology, and Retail Beauty Consultants.

Wig Specialists Training Programs

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This traning program is provided for beauty supply operators and wig specialists domestically and internationally. The training allows the employee to not only be knowledgeable but it provides them to be marketable within the beauty industry.  The training is in-depth covering multiple levels and specialties. This training is fee based and it operates worldwide creating some of the best wigstension specialist.

Business Seminars and Forums

We organize various business-related seminars and forums with industry insiders and opinion leaders. Our leading researchers are regularly invited to present market insights throughout the year.  Target training seminars for retailers and the beauty consultants are provided in a timely manner around the nation. Be sure to update your knowledge through these seminars and trainings.

Beauty Supply Employee Training Manual

BBIM publishes and distributes it as complimentary to all CosmoBiz magazine subscribers. The manual is printed in two parts. The first part is for understanding of wigstension products and the second part is for personal care products.