NFBS: National Federation of Beauty Suppliers


Formerly known as the National Beauty Supply Dealers Association (NBSDA), NFBS was founded in July 1990 by the nationwide beauty supply retail operators. It is the federation that representing 27 regional beauty supply retailer associations.  It host one of the largest beauty trade show in New Jersey every year during the Summer.


IHT: Institute of Hair-prosthetists & Trichologists


The Institute of Hair-prosthetists and Trichologists (IHT) was founded in 2006 by a group of trichologists in Korea. Even though the study of trichology has a long history, it faced a difficult challenge in positioning its services. It is not a medical practice, yet involves “treating” the clients. It is not a cosmetology service, yet provides scalp cleansing and “shampoo” services. There are about 26,000 trichology centers in Korea, and 130 universities and colleges in Korea teaching two-year or four-year trichology courses. About 40 complete textbooks have been published. The IHT is now sharing trichology in North America and Europe.


GBA: Global Beauty Alliance

Leading beauty companies and suppliers that serve multicultural consumers have launched the Global Beauty Alliance (GBA) to meet the needs of Black, Latino, and Asian consumers and beauty professionals on a global basis.  This market is growing locally and abroad with $7 Billion  in annual U.S. sales s , growing at 10%+. Membership in the alliance  is open to all beauty industry members including brand owners, association leaders , entrepreneurs, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, media, sales representative companies and beauty industry related suppliers. Giving back to communities and preserving unique multi-ethnic business owner and employee legacies were discussed as major goals.   For information on the mission of GAB and details on how to join, visit