We publish two magazines in two different languages.

cosmobiz-salon-sample-coverCosmoBiz Salon is the monthly magazine specialized in beauty products, wig and hair extension for about 110,000 practicians, 700 venders and 6,500 beauty stores in U.S. Every month, you can see in-depth stories about special beauty materials and wig products with around 100 entire color pages.

The best beauty magazine filled by professional reporters

It is distributed to 6,500 beauty stores and more than 10,000 hair salons, schools, and all major state Board of Cosmetology in the whole U.S. The readership per copy is average 5 people, which means that around 82,500 people read CosmoBiz. The CosmoBiz is also distributed electronically in form of a flip-pages to about 25,800 readers. Even though it is a small quantity, Korea, China, Indonesia, Africa, factories and retail shops in Europe are subscribing to CosmoBiz for charge.


cosmobiz-beauty-store-sample-coverCosmoBiz Beauty Store is a separate magazine specifically for the Korean-American owned and operated beauty supply stores. It is published in Korean language with lots of product information, buying guide, and industry trends. For non-specific reason, about 92% of the beauty supply stores targeting the ethnic consumers are operated by the Korean-American entrepreneurs. Some believe it is mainly due to the wigs and hair extension products that are mainly designed and produced in Korea. With strong design ability, Korean-American entrepreneurs changed form of the beauty supply stores revolutionarily by opening its door to the general public, instead of keeping its door only for the professional cosmetologists. This dramatic change led large number of beauty supply stores to be opened all around the country over the last 40 years. The consumers benefited significantly with much lower prices of beauty products.


Buy 1 page AD, and place it in 2 magazines

One of the great advantage when placing your AD is that your AD will be placed in both the  CosmoBiz Salon and  the CosmoBiz Beauty Store at the price of one. You can design separately for different target readers without additional cost. It is proven that when two different languages are used in one magazine, readers tend to avoid the entire magazine. This is the reason why the CosmoBiz is published in two separate magazines. The contents of the article becomes more specific to the target readers that ensures the quality of the magazine.

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