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The Beauty Business Industry Monitor (BBIM) research institute was founded in 2009 by the National Federation of Beauty Suppliers (NFBS). Its mission is to monitor and research the latest developments in industry to assist critical decision- makers in determining the course of direction; to develop and train various levels of professionals to improve the quality of services; and to exchange knowledge and assistance across borders for globalization of the beauty industry.

BBIM’s short term mission was to operate in response to the global financial crisis that affected all aspects of the industry in 2009. After proving its effective role, the NFBS (formerly the National Beauty Supply Dealers Association – NBSDA), realized the need for an ongoing research institute and endorsed the BBIM to stand as an independent organization that served a wider scope of industry members.

BBIM is a not-for-profit corporation that is independently operated by group of trained researchers and educators. All proceedings are reinvested for the greater good of the global beauty industry. The BBIM is committed to maintaining its objectiveness and to representing all members of the industry.




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Nationwide beauty supply retailers founded the BBIM Institute. Its sole purpose is to upgrade the global beauty industry to the next level by monitoring the rapidly changing market environment, sharing accurate information among industry members, and developing human resourses more effectively.

More than any other industry, the beauty industry values exclusivity, secrecy, and timely implementation of products before its competitors. Sharing information among industry members may seem taboo, but in reality, active communication within the industry benefits everyone. Without it, progress and individual improvements may be limited. So, while it is true that aggressive competition generates rapid progress, progress without harmony may cause the destruction of its own industry.

Believing this, BBIM works closely with all leading organizations of the global beauty industry to advocate more active dialogue between industry members. and to keep its doors open for anyone and everyone to participate.


Designer’s Club


Upon completing of any single course the BBIM provides, you are entitled to become a member of the prestige Designer’s Club. By participating as a member, you will have first-hand access to the latest information, and will be exposed to prospective employers for job placements.


Business Seminars and Forums

BBIM organizes various business-related seminars and forums with industry insiders and opinion leaders. Our leading researchers are regularly invited to present market insights throughout the year.  Target training seminars for retailers and the beauty consultants are provided in a timely manner around the nation. Be sure to update your knowledge through these seminars and trainings.


Media as Platform for Your Voice

CosmoBiz Magazine is delivered to the majority of existing retail beauty supply stores nationwide, and is  the main source of product and business information for retail buyers. Both individuals and companies are invited to spread their messages through via CosmoBiz in the form of articles, interviews, press releases, and advertisements.


Executive Conferences

BBIM organizes and participates in Executive Conferences in association with such respectful organizations as NFBS, AHIA, GBA, IHT, and thirty-three regional beauty retailers associations.


Tradeshows and EventsP9620454

There are a number of major tradeshows for retail beauty industry members. The NFBS Tradeshow (New Jersey), Cosmoprof (Las Vegas), the Proud Lady (Chicago) during the summer, the Memphis Beauty Show in winter, and the Georgia Beauty Tradeshow in spring, are only few examples.