The Magic Bang II & Pony Wrap From Estetica

When you need a quick change of style without the hassle of a whole wig, pony and bang extensions are there for you. When Estetica first launched their versions of the Pony Wrap and Magic Bang II we knew they were good – but after years of testing they hold up as some of our favorite. Every company has launched its own versions of the pony and clip-on-bang, and many just don’t get them quite right. For Estetica, they’ve had their game on point since day one!

This month we wanted to share these two amazing styles again to show just how wonderful they are. Both are made from New Futura heat resistant fiber which allows you to style them precisely to your liking and have them retain the look for an extended period. Part of what we love about this is that they’ve kept their design simple but created a beautiful product that can be styled again and again. Many companies focus on making multiple low-quality, low-cost products that can only be used in one way. These are in a completely different tier. Instead, they’ve created products with immaculate attention to detail and design that result in high-quality, long-lasting extensions you can use for much longer.