Spring Shelfie – The Capsule Beauty Products Edition

If you’ve never heard of the term “shelfie”, we’ve got you covered – it’s an aesthetic photo one takes of their cabinet, covered with tools and products, books or other interior objects. It shows their creative personal space and it was first part of the Instagram and Pinterest communities. In our case, we focus on the beauty items and show you our top recommendations and hacks for spring 2019. Check out our full Beauty Shelfie Edition below.

The perfect skincare lineup

First, start off by giving your bathroom cabinet a thorough spring clean so it’s ready not only for the upcoming season, but also for a shelfie on Instagram. Create your ultimate beauty capsule by using and organizing the top skincare products for 2019.

Nothing makes for the best looking beauty cabinet more than a luxury set of soaps and hand wash. It’s best if they are made of natural ingredients to ensure the finest quality and maximum hydration for your hands, going into the winter and spring. Your skincare lineup should also include a hand cream that nourishes, soothes and repairs the sensitive skin on your hands especially in the period when temperatures shift and are more likely to suddenly change. Pick up products that contain natural active ingredients with vitamin rich and antioxidant properties

Don’t leave the skin on the face and scalp behind – give them the natural boost they deserve. For a radiant skin glow and an anti-age effect make sure to have in your cabinet a serum and a moisturizing cream, preferably with ingredients such as caviar, donkey milk, aloe vera or a powerful mix of oil extracts from macadamia nut, kukui and avocado.

Having sensitive and dry scalp, one option is to go for the extremely moisturizing shea butter and shea oils which you can apply as a leave-in conditioner or on wet hair after shampooing for deep conditioning treatment. Other ingredients that can help you with dry scalp and skin in general, are traditional Chinese herbs including rhubarb, indigo and purslane, combined in science-based products with unique formulas to treat any skin condition.

Beauty Hacks for your shelfie products

Yes, with the right products your beauty cabinet can look amazing. However, if you want to reduce waste and recycle more, it’s important to take care of the products because they might go off. We suggest you stack some of them in the fridge for a certain period of time. Being exposed to humidity and heat can be damaging for your beauty essentials, such as lipstick, perfume, and even your nail polish can go gloopy. Speaking of nail polish, we recommend you get a gel lacquer with a long-lasting and smudge-free formula. If you don’t have one, you can always ensure a perfect and QUICK manicure with this trick – apply your nail polish and then immerse your hands in cold water or run them under the cold tap till you feel the paint is almost dry.

To prepare for spring 2019, just follow our guidelines for the perfect beauty cabinet and don’t forget to share it on Instagram with the hashtag #beautyshelfie.

Text: beautypress.com