Spring Hair Color Trends For 2019

With the snow mostly melted and the first new buds starting to sprout, it’s time to start thinking about the color trends for the new season! Trends for 2019 have just begun to show themselves, and we’re excited to see that many of our favorite color trends are living on but with new iterations!

Jewel Tones
The love of deep, saturated jewel-toned hair is far from leaving our pages! This spring, we’re seeing it used in more subtle ways including the use of finer strands of coloring mixed with more natural shades. We love the use of deep hues, like emerald, paired with dark browns and blacks to create a truly unique look.

Coral, Apricot, Rose & Rose Gold
Pink and warm-toned shades aren’t leaving the scene any time soon! This spring we’re expecting to see more pinks with an orange base like these coral and apricot shades. True rose pink and rose gold are staying on trend through the spring, and we expect they’ll be on-trend through at least the end of the year. Thanks to the proximity to millennial pink – a hue that has a stayed strong for the last few years, it seems that the days of pink hair may last longer than any other trend.

Inky Black
Deep black isn’t just a winter shade anymore! This spring, the midnight colors are staying strong with an update of blue undertones to create a stunning level of shine. This hue started to grow in popularity on the Spring-Summer Runways in the fall and will likely continue on through the rest of the year.

When it comes to brunette shades, the last few seasons have focused on Carmel and chocolate tones. As we head into spring the trend swings to the natural side with undertones of maples, pine, and pale ash. The end result is a multidimensional and comfortable to wear color that is classic but with depth and drama.

Reverse Ombre
If you’re looking for a dramatic style that’s playful and risky, a reverse ombre is the look you have to try. This style is surprisingly flattering as it helps to create a bold frame around the face. It adds excitement and fun to your look and is often easier to maintain as your roots will often have the color closest to your natural hue.

Faded Pastel
While much of the pastel hair rage has ended, we’re still seeing the fleeting remnants of its influence as we head into spring. Rather than fully started pastel shades, a more subtle faded look will be taking the stage. Not only is this great for those jewel tones as they fade out, but it makes the trend far more approachable for those who wanted to get into the color trend but without the full commitment.

Images From Pinterest