The Face of Harlem 125: Wynee Vasquez

 What are the first things that come to mind when describing Harlem 125’s brand? Fresh, new, millennial. Wynee Vasquez, the face of Harlem 125, has proved to be the perfect face to carry out the mission and brand of this company, inspiring women all over to become Harlem 125 wearers.

Everyone who is familiar with Wynee Vasquez, whether on products or advertising imagery, will agree that her face and attitude correlates with the products. Wynee appears in every piece of product packaging, which is designed in various colors in general, features soft, big eyes and an amazingly beautiful face that attracts attention to the hair. Who is this girl and what is she wearing? It’s finally time to answer those questions.

Wynee, pronounced like the popular children’s bear, started modeling in February 2016. A newbie to the game, she landed her biggest contract with the hair company. “I am very grateful to agent Linda Strobert for connecting me with Harlem125. She has linked me to a great company that produces hair products that are really right for me,” said Vasquez. “I am glad that my first start is Harlem125. I will cherish my relationship with Harlem125, who started my life as a model.”

Her image, beautifully embossed on the product packaging, is truly refreshing and naturally beautiful. Which packaging of hers is our favorite? Harlem125 has amazing packaging that’s rich in color, like intense red or mysterious purple, where her figure is striking and separates her packaging from the rest.

Just as she loves the thought that goes into the packaging she is featured on, she loves how much thought is put into the products. “The way Harlem125 shows its products to consumers means they can figure out what intentions and ideas they made. I am very proud that I can wear it first. Every time I wear a product as a model, I can feel their sincere feel for the product. “

But what separates her from other models is her recognition of the role she plays as a model for the brand. “I think that what the model looks like in the consumer’s eyes is very closely related to the sales of the product. I would like to tell consumers that the product is really easy to wear, and that it is very easy and can produce the most beautiful appearance.”

In addition to modeling, she helps the mentoring program run by educational departments. Whether she is standing in front of a camera or working behind the scenes, her heart is bigger than we imagined. Wynee seems to play a big role in imprinting herself on others. Once you hear her, see her, then meet her, you will never forget her.

Inspired by Jaslene Gonzalez, the winner of America’s Next Top Model 8, she wants to reach out to people with more products in the future. She wants to be a model that inspires people in her own way. We know that Harlem125 is the best start for her to do just that.