Perfect Boxed Colors to Protect Your Hair from Damage

After reading our previous article about hair color, you’re probably looking on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for your next look. It’s cool to look on different outlets for a new look, but it gets a little harder trying to figure out how to achieve it. Getting your hair colored professionally can be extremely expensive, even though you know for sure you can get the desired look with your stylist. But, not everyone can afford that life. So, we’ve rounded up some of your favorite brands and their colors, from unique, to healthy, to an old favorite. A poppin’ hair color can be achieved, you just have to be humble and follow our suggestions!

Creme of Nature

Creme of Nature is an oldie, but a goodie box hair coloring that’s been around for ages. The design has changed but the formula for safely coloring hair and their concentration on regenerating the hair after the color has been a practice long preached. Creme of Nature specifically caters to the African American community in offering cheaper alternatives to get the desired color while still keeping those healthy curls intact. There are two hair coloring collections that are worth highlighting because of the amazing ingredients inside of the products.

First, we have the Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color with Argan Oil from Morocco. It’s hard to think that a box color can dye your hair the blonde you desire without going to a professional and getting something harsher. Yes, this is possible with this amazing hair coloring that contains double conditioning treatments infused with Argan Oil. This is great because this coloring comes with a little more ingredients than the other box colors, so double conditioning deeply rejuvenates the hair.

The first deep conditioning treatment is the intensive conditioning treatment, which strengthens, imparts moisture and prevents hair breakage. This is used will under the dryer with a shower cap over the head. After washing the intensive treatment conditioner out, follow up with an argan oil treatment that can be applied on wet or dry hair. This is left in the hair to lock in that moisture and leave a lasting shine.

The second Creme of Nature hair color we recommend for dying the hair jet black is the Moisture-Rich Hair Color with Shea Butter Conditioner. It seems like every girl loves the word shea butter. We associate it with nourishment, moisture and an amazing smell. The hair coloring is an easy process with mixing together two products and then applying to the hair. The great thing about this hair coloring is that it does not contain ammonia. After using the dye and rising out the color to your new look, the Mango & Shea butter Ultra- Moisturizing Conditioner is the next step. This conditioner is amazing because it not only nourishes hair leaving it soft, but leaves it smooth and healthy looking.


Shea Moisture

Most people don’t know how awesome Shea Moisture’s boxed hair color is. Let us be the first to guide you in the right direction. Shea Moisture Color Creme has natural and certified organic healing ingredients with scientific hair coloring systems to make the coloring experience not only healthy, but lasting. The Color Creme contains organic Shea Butter and blended natural ingredients like Acai and Glycerin, Flax Seed and Abyssinian Oils along with Soy Protein. What other hair color contains ingredients like this?

This is only the beginning of what comes in the box. Along with the color creme, you receive a masque packet! Shea Moisture amps up their box with the Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture Correct Treatment Masque. This masque is specifically for dry, rough and unmanageable curls, especially after just coloring your hair. When you have high-porosity hair, it’s because your cuticles are open resulting in losing moisture. We love these conditioner power packs Shea Moisture creates, so we know this hair color is just the trick to a healthy, new look.


Not everyone wants to dye their hair traditional colors. Others want to follow or create trends, experimenting with different colors and looks. A lot of that takes extreme bleaching, which can be extremely harmful to the hair. One brand we recommend for taking riskier looks is Schwarzkopf’s Got2B. Why are they the best? Because they design their products around trends and unique hair colors to make them achievable. One thing we do recognize is that these colors work best with hair that is lighter, so if you have a blonde wig lying around and want to change up the color, this is the product for you to use.

One that we were introduced to a couple months ago was their Metallics line, one of the hottest trends right now. With an already blonde wig, you can change the look easily without the added bleach or stress. Like most box colors, this comes with a after-color treatment to protect the hair and lock in the color.

We can easily pick one of our favorite, which is the Unlimited box coloring. With Unlimited, you can achieve a 3-in-1 look just out of one coloring box. You can intensify your look making a deep blue and purple, or lighten it up with a pastel blue and periwinkle colors. Unlike the others we have mentioned, this color is semi-permanent. After 12 washes, you can expect for the colors to start to fade from the hair.