Summer Proof Makeup

by Danielle Alyce Wilson

Summertime is full of beaches, festivals, vacations, and just fun! The last thing you want to worry about is your makeup melting off throughout the day. Over the years as a New York City makeup artist, I have learned a few tricks along the way. When glamming anyone, the better the skin, the less makeup you have to use and more flawless the application.  Almost everyone swears by primer as the first step, but I have found a good moisturizer with SPF for daytime use is all you really need.

In my opinion, foundation or concealer is also a super important makeup element in your summer proof look. If you have your makeup done at a department store and you don’t like the skin, you more than likely will not like anything applied after that point. Based on that little fact, skin is key and less is more. My preference is a lightweight BB cream or water-based foundation like MAC “Face and Body” gives a flawless application for a quick everyday look.  If you want a more glamorous, full coverage look, waterproof foundation and/or concealer is the way to go! Whichever route you take remember to apply product ONLY where you truly need coverage. Putting foundation everywhere on your face when you only need a little coverage under the eyes and around the nose, will give you the dreaded cakey look that I hear countless clients and everyday women alike complain about.

Now that we have the skin flawless, its onto adding dimension and depth to the skin so you don’t look flat and lifeless. Summer is all about sun-kissed, glowing skin, so of course bronzer and highlighter is a must for the season! Fenty Beauty just released their coveted “Body Lava” Luminizer, which is beautiful. If you are not willing to spend almost $60 on a highlighter, you can get the same desired effect using L’oreal’s “Lumi Glotion” that can be used on the face and body. Fairer complexions should start with cooler undertones in their bronzers, olive to medium skin tones can do a classic bronze shade and richer skin tones should stick to copper and bronze shades to sculpt out the face. Lastly, any and all complexions can wear either matte or shimmer, liquid or baked for the perfect lit from within glow!

For other areas of the face, you can pretty much count on any product that boasts to be waterproof or long-wearing. There are so many brands that have liquid lipsticks and unique, bright eyeliners with an 8 to 10-hour wear…perfect for outdoor festivals and concerts!  Longwear products are great for normal to oily skin to maintain a natural to soft matte finish. Even those with drier skin that want a dewy look without the melt can add gloss to the lips, eyelids or high points of cheekbones. Mascara is the finishing touch and you want to look for water resistant rather than waterproof formulas. They are gentler on the lashes, while still providing flirty lashes that don’t budge in the hot summer heat. One of my tried and true is MAC “Extended Play” mascara, it gives a natural lash that never clumps or smudges.

With all that you have learned, don’t forget that the summertime and makeup are all about fun.  Experience and try new things…there are no real rules for makeup and you can use my suggestions as a guide on your own journey to finding what works for you. Now that you have all the tools to keep your makeup flawless, go forth and frolic in the sun!

Danielle Alyce Wilson is a makeup artist and beauty guru operating out of New York City.  You can find her work through Instagram @beautywithindaw