Prom 101: Kiss Proof Your Lipstick

There are two events in a girl’s life that are by far the most memorable: their wedding and their prom. Weddings are looked forward to when you’re older, but when you’re younger, it’s all about having the best night of your life at prom. With this being the last fun event before graduating and moving on to practically being an adult in college, making sure that everything goes right, from the outfit to your makeup is key.

Refreshing your hair throughout the prom is less of a worry than worrying about your makeup. Making sure you’re oil-free, lips are hydrated and clean and your highlight is still there and popping is hard work within itself. If you’re looking for some soundproof hacks, look no further. We’ve got a way that you put less stress into the night and more into enjoying it. Here are three easy steps to make sure your lips are clean, smudge-free and kissable!

Hack 1: Primer

Yes, ladies. Just like your face and eyes need a primer to hold the product in lock, lips need the same. What’s great about this option is the need to not buy a specific lip primer. Your foundation can do the trick. As you are applying your foundation to your face, blot your blender right over your lips, which will create a nude. This keeps your lipstick from smearing and also will intensify your color.


Hack 2: Setting Power

We know, another hack you didn’t see coming, but yes, setting powder helps keep those lips in line, especially after kissing your date. Simply, apply some setting powder to your lips; a light application is best. Let it sit on for three minutes, then lightly smear from lips. Just as setting powder keeps your concealer fresh and smear-free, so will it for your lips.


Hack 3: Conceal Edges

This is probably a favorite of ours because you’ll always have that one day where your red lip liner isn’t applied on evenly and wiping it leaves a red smear mark you can’t get rid of. What can you do to prevent this? Take your concealer and an angle brush. Gently outline your lips with concealer. Not only will this keep your lips clean from the liner, but it also serves as a barrier from letting your lipstick smear easily. You’re welcome!