Shake N Go’s Easy Style Fixer – The Bun Tie

Whether it’s a long braid or a sweet and gentle-waved pony style, when the weather gets hot, it’s time to get the hair off your neck. There are plenty of DIY ponytails and out there, but there seems to be nothing like the new BunTie product from SHAKE-N-GO.

To start, the BunTie is made with the most preferred texture of consumers and is 22-inches in length for a look that is feminine and well-behaved. The curl pattern is currently available in two types: JAMAICA TIE, which has a slight kinky curl, and JUMBO TIE, a straight, natural texture. Individually pre-looped sections of hair are fitted to an elastic band with a drawstring, this setup gives the hair the most natural movement possible while making it quick and easy to style and remove.

It is possible to produce a perfect look with one product! We tested the samples and found that for both suggested styles, the 22-inch length was excellent. When it was styled as a ponytail, the texture and volume were stunning. When styled as a bun, it’s the perfect length and volume to create an easy, classy updo.

The use of BunTie products is very simple to explain. We love that it’s such an easy-to-use product; it’s accessible to almost everyone. First, gather your natural hair together and tie it into a ponytail. If your hair is thinner, you may want to put your hair in a small bun to help give it something to hold onto. Pull the BunTie over the ponytail or bun to secure it around the natural hair. Then, pull the string to secure. Finally, tease and adjust to suit your style!

The advantage of BunTie is that it is easy and straightforward for almost anyone to use straight out of the package. BunTie’s possibilities, however, include not only this ease, but also the ability to use for a variety of styles. If you want today’s style different from yesterday’s, you can roll your hair around the ponytail and fix it with a pin. Another day you might want to braid the product for a completely different feel. If you unwind the braid and finish the bun, you can restyle on your way from work to dinner.

The color was released as 1, 1B, 2, OT27, OT30, OT530 and broadened consumer choice with two curl patterns including JAMAICA TWIST and JUMBO BRAID. We’re so in love, we recommend getting one of each because the curl pattern gives them such different feels.

The practicality of BunTie, which offers consumers convenience and simplicity, is something we can get behind. Even if you do not put a lot of effort into it, it will be natural and stylish, which is not what you expect of most products. Shake N Go is well-known for having their thumb on the pulse of consumer demand and Bun Tie is a great example of their work. We’re fully expecting Bun Tie to make its way into every girl’s rotation.