The Face of Bobbi Boss, Erin Darcel


Anyone who has bought or sold Bobbi Boss’ products is likely to be very familiar with Erin Darcel’s face. From the start of her career to now, she’s become a celebrity among customers and retailers alike, with fans approaching her after seeing her familiar face. Years of working with the company and seeing pictures of her face were shown when we finally had the chance to interview her. It was like meeting one of our girls. Her warm and powerful demeanor has won her the hearts of many, skyrocketing her from just a model to the face of the industry.

How did she start modeling? How did she begin her connection with Bobbi Boss? Her modeling career began with Bobbi Boss with the pages of her life still being written. At 17, she dedicated her life to tennis, a sport that she realized was not her passion. When a stroke of luck found her the opportunity to enter a modeling contest, she knew she needed to take her chances. This path was quite different than what she expected, but led her straight to Bobbi Boss. For over a decade, Erin Darcel has become the face of Bobbi Boss and the relationship between model and company has never been stronger.

How does she react when she finds her face on a package in the beauty supply store or in a hair salon? “It’s so strange,” she replied. “When I find myself completely different from what I see in everyday life, I feel like I am a cool person, just like a celebrity. I have invested a lot of time and effort for one photograph and put the beauty to the max, so it seems to me that I am totally different.”


We asked her what Bobbi Boss products she liked most and it was easily remembered. “There are so many things that it is hard to find one, but if we have to talk about it, I really liked Indi Remy.” She could not stop naming further brands as if the memory of each product comes to mind. In fact, she is a big fan of Bobbi Boss products and she adds Bobbi Boss products in to protect her own natural hair. She also loves Bobbi Boss’ wig products, which are easy to manage.

Her relationship with Bobbi Boss seems like fate. She explains that she was chosen as the model for Bobbi Boss because her face, shape, and confidence matches every wig created by the company. Even the gray wig, which is not a style for everyone, is dazzling when she wears it. This results in the customer’s trying out the look leading to purchasing.

Besides Bobbi Boss, she has already worked as a model for other companies that have made her name bigger: Target, Levi’s, Walmart and Nike. With all of these accomplishments, there is more she would like to add to her resume. Big billboards with her face in Times Square was one of them. She also wants to be a great performer on a television show. Bobbi Boss’s products will surely give her beauty its wings.