The Yara Hype Continues

Bobbi Boss’ Yara wig has continued to win the hearts of consumers across the nation


When Yara first launched, fans went wild. The unique style, color palettes, and quality truly put it at the top of the market and there’s no question in our minds that it was the number one product in 2017 and will continue to win in 2018.

Styles like Yara can only be created by a craft-oriented designer, like Sun Synn and Audrey Han of Bobbi Boss. Yara is a style that tells the story of our time; one of a modern minimalist person whose style is classic, bold and specific. Yara calls to wearers of all ages, identities, ethnicities, and social status.

Yara is unlike its peers in a variety of ways, but particularly in regards to how it has developed. With eight sister styles, Yara has become part of a family of wigs. This wig has become part of a style conversation between designers and consumers that speaks volumes. Consumers across the nation have been heading to their local beauty supply store in droves to be part of that conversation. And with new styles adding to the family, we expect that the narrative of Yara will continue to grow and change.

The designers at Bobbi Boss have truly changed the game. Their work on Yara and its sisters are pure works of art. We expect that Yara will continue to shine and that the power of the creation will reinvigorate the art of wig making.