IBS New York

Let’s set the mood. It’s cold and cloudy in New York on Monday, March 5th walking up to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, but that was far from noticeable with men and women carrying bags on bags full of products, beaming faces, colorful hair and big smiles. That was the tone of the International Beauty Show and walking into the show left our eyes big and our wallet even smaller knowing all the money we were going to spend that day.

Don’t quite know what the International Beauty Show is? IBS is one of the biggest beauty and hair events of the season with all the chemical and tool companies showing their latest and greatest products. Big booths filled the entrances while little, but promising booths nestle in the back. Four stages centered the room with Conair previewing four of its brands with live-staged runway shows and styling. In the back, an even bigger stage was featured with dramatic runway shows featuring hair styled by high-profile stylists.

With the three days IBS is held, our staff was all in agreeance that all three days were needed to review each booth. The show is amazing for stylists looking to buy new products for a discounted price, network with like-minded professionals, store owners to order inventory and consumers to see their favorite brands and discover new ones. With just one day we had to check out this amazing show, we’ll be back next year, with our pockets, minds, and hair ready.

Brand to Look out For:

Bella Lash

Ladies, aside from hair, lashes are the hottest focus of 2018 and we were so excited to see what was to offer at the International Beauty Show. We were introduced to an amazing and progressive lash company, Bella Lash, which specializes in lash extensions and products focused on the enhancement of the natural lashes. As soon as you walked up to the booth, you were greeted with a live demonstration of individual lashes being applied to a model, which were dying of excitement. The lash tech gave viewers tips on how to correctly apply the lashes and what they should do to properly maintain them if they are wearing. Rarely do you see the process of lashes being applied and given proper information about maintenance, which made us recognize Bella Lashes was like no other lash company.

For those still debating lash extensions, Bella Lashes also offers products catered to your natural lashes. We were introduced to their InfinityLash Serum, which is “clinically proven to strengthen lashes by 72% in just four weeks!” What makes this product unique is that lash extension wearers are also encouraged to use this product. By making your natural lash thicker and healthier, this improves the quality of your lash extensions.

With just a preview of what Bella Lashes has to offer, we know they are the hottest lash company on the market and can’t wait to feature more of them! Stay tuned!

The Flex Brush

The Flex Brush was one of our favorite finds at the show because of its unique take on a classic tool and the advantage packed along with using this product. The Flex Brush’s unique style bends to follow the contours of your head, massaging your scalp and stimulating the production of natural oils. The reason why it’s named the Flex Brush isn’t a coincidence; the brush is bendable to, again, contour any head. This function promotes hair growth, reduces static and helps prevent breakage. Not only that, but the vents that are uniquely designed serves the purposes of allowing heat to pass through the brush, which won’t damage your hair while blow drying. Uh, yes!

When brushing your hair, the focus has only been on the basics: brushing to detangle and smooth the hair. Rarely are other focuses on a hair brush to actually promote hair growth and prevent heat damage. This was the key goal of founders Angelo David and Jacob Guttman. Angelo’s inspiration from this brush came from seeing people destroy their hair detangling with cheap, rigid brush. After seeing the problem, Angelo called Jacob and formulated this amazing product that is perfect for any hair texture.


There are certain booths you immediately gravitate to for three reasons: music, attraction to products and fascination. Amika’s booth had all of this and more making this the first destination arriving inside the show. A wall full of colorful products ranging from flat irons, chemical products, travel sets, and bags were the main attraction to the booth with a stage featuring two stylist giving talk-throughs about the products, which kept consumers interested in what Amika products could offer to their clients.

What’s their most popular tool on the market? The Polished Perfection Straightening Brush is certainly worth highlighting with the unique, yet popular design and unique concept with a brush straightening the hair for a more smooth and straightened look. The skull and heart straightener is also affordable to younger consumers only costing $75. As we were introduced to this product, women were heading to the counter to buy this product for themselves or someone else. With promising tools, we’re excited to review their liquid products including their Shield Anti-Humidity Spray and the Soulfood Nourishing Mask in the future.

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