Everyday Elegance with Estetica

Small but mighty; Estetica packs powerful quality and performance behind their minimalist lines.

Classic. Chic. Confident. The Estetica Woman will always be described as such. She may not be the loudest, the boldest, or the trendiest in the room, but make no mistake, her presence is well known. The Estetica Woman is one known for her poise and grace, she’s assertive and in command. Her style is never dated, never flippant; everything about her is chosen with precise knowledge that it’s exactly her style. When it comes to her wig, there’s only one choice: Luxuria.

The Luxuria Collection by Estetica is incomparable. Made from the most exclusive Remi human hair, it offers a natural, comfortable style that is the best in its class. With a wide variety of lengths, textures, and colors, it’s perfect for matching your exact desires. Estetica knows that there is nothing more personal, more deserving of exceptional quality than a womans hair.

Estetica knows that details matter, especially when it comes to fit and construction. Like a perfectly tailored suit, an Estetica wig will fit you perfectly, comfortably and naturally for a secure fit that will leave everyone fooled. You can guarantee that every Luxuria wig will feature a 100% hand-tied monofilament top made with  the most comfortable mesh available on the market. Currently, there are two cap options within the Luxuria Collection: the Mono Top with 100% Hand-tied back and the Front Lace Line Mono Top with 100% Hand-Tied Back. The first features a soft, self-adhesive lining for a completely secure and comfortable fit. The second uses a 100% hand-tied front lace line made with extra thin lace film for a complexly natural and comfortable fit. Both are made to stretch through the bottom edges to ensure a comfortable fit through the day. Choose smarter, choose comfort, choose Luxuria.