Seize The Day With RUWA – “Champions aren’t born. They’re made.”

When the team at Sensationnel began their development of RUWA, they knew that they were onto something, but they didn’t expect to develop one of the biggest game changers in the world of braiding. With over four years of development before it’s launch, RUWA is no happy accident: it took thousands of hours of research, labor, and plenty of battles. But that’s what it takes for innovation, and the team at Sensationnel are no strangers to hard work.


RUWA is unlike any other braiding product on the market, starting right at the fiber itself. The company worked directly with Japanese fiber company Kanekalon to develop a new type of fiber, called Aquatex®. What makes Aquatex® unique is that it uses a hydrophobic coating that means you can wash hair worry-free.

For the team at Sensationnel, many of whom are fitness buffs, this was a very needed addition to the hair market. RUWA is marketed with an Athleisure take because for those who exercise often, being able to maintain a clean and healthy scalp is essential. With braids, this isn’t always easy to do, but RUWA lets you wash worry-free, making it perfect for both aspiring and accomplished athletes. You can maintain your fitness goals and your aesthetic without compromise.


Not only is the fiber hydrophobic, but its extra soft and light-weight  without losing any of the functionality of traditional braiding hair. It can still be hot-water set and still easy to install. Sensationnel even pre-layered it so you’re not missing out on anything while getting better, healthier results.