Bae Locs by Bobbi Boss

If you’re looking for the perfect way to brighten up your style for spring, look no further. Bae Locs by Bobbi Boss has arrived and they’re about to be on every color lovers wishlist. Bobbi Boss is known for having the best faux Locs on the market, and Bae Locs are here to add a youthful, colorful spin to their already amazing line.

The team at Bobbi Boss noticed that many young consumers were wrapping their locs with colorful thread and yarn. This addition takes time and if the wrong type of thread is used, it can cause the locs to wear out faster. They took it upon themselves to develop their own wrapped locs and Bae Locs was born! After a lot of research and consideration, they went with a pastel tie-dye color pattern that compliments every person.

The addition of Bae Locs adds a new personality to the Bobbi Boss braid product line. If Soul Locs is strong and calm, and Nu Locs is feminine and cute, then Bae Locs is strong and young. Bae Locs are for the passionate, young woman who’s flair for life and love of detail is incomparable. She knows what she wants and only trusts the best.


The difference in the details of Bae Locs is not limited to the color. One of the most important things consumers consider when choosing braiding products is if it feels like natural hair. The texture of Bae Locs was specifically designed to feel natural, soft, and light making it a product that maximizes consumers’ satisfaction.

Bae Locs are about ¾” to ½” thick, which is one of the most popular styles among current consumers. Each pack comes with two strands that feature the colored accent. The strands themselves come in a mix of 1B and natural brown. It comes in two lengths, 14” and 20”, and has about 12 strands in one pack, about 5-6 packs will be needed to complete most styles.