Advanced Human Hair Lace Weaving- Janet Collection Launches Triple X

Janet Collection, which has become well known for their fashion-forward work with runway shows around the world, has announced the launch of their newest line. When we first caught wind that Janet Collection was dropping a new line, we were checking our inbox and social media daily. Janet Collection is known for creating amazing products that cause a major impact. Triple X will be their first launch in the new year and it’s already making waves.


If you take a quick trip over to Youtube or Instagram, you’ll see plenty of the building buzz. We even sent samples out to our CosmoBiz Beauty Examiners. It’s that big a deal. Triple X is a completely revolutionary product. It’s patent pending and we expect it’s going to change the face of the hair industry entirely.


Several different companies have taken cracks at a similar design to Triple X, often it involved having a wig base with sew down edges on a flexible cap. This system takes aspects from the innovations of the last three years and merges them flawlessly to create the perfect halfway point between wig and weave.  


Triple X is a mix of lace front, 360, and closure with a few changes to installation. The new weaving method is completed with just a front piece top piece, and nape piece covering the base. Consumers can complete a full look with one pack, no exceptions.


One of the advantages of using a front lace for weaving is that it makes it easy to make a part anywhere. Hair can be pulled in any direction without fear of wefts being visible. And it can be styled in ways usually limited to natural hair. This lace is particularly well constructed, parts can be made with little fuss and will set naturally and easily.


While the spacious front lace may be the key to this product, Triple X’s secret is hidden in the parts in-between the top piece, middle and nape pieces. In order to create a more natural look, many consumers have begun to wrap the edges of their weaves or pulling lace as far as it can stretch so that they can do many of the popular updo styles. Triple X fixes those problems because the hair in those areas is stitched so that it sticks tightly to the mesh. When the hair is lifted up, the root portion of the hair naturally curves at 180 degrees, concealing the base.


To make the hair stick to the net, Triple X is made of a single layer of weft, which can have a higher percentage of shedding than two layers combined. However, this thin weft is essential to the natural look of the product, a thicker weft could not do what Triple X does. Simply be more aware not to use too much force when combing or brushing, much like you would with your own natural edges.


Beauty Plus is a trend-reading company that has always been at the forefront of fashion to create and popularize new concepts. In recent years, the Mambo series has more than proved its worth. Judging from past hits, the probability of Triple X’s success is very high.


Functional products such as Triple X appear to be particularly advantageous for small and medium retailers with staff who are trained in customer consultations. Because this is an entirely new product with a unique concept, most consumers will want to see it for themselves before buying. Plus, many will want to learn more about the product from a knowledgeable salesperson. As a new, revolutionary product, Janet Collection has explained that they don’t intend to sell it online; they don’t have any competition for price, and as explained this is a product that’s best experienced in person.


As for the actual hair, currently, Triple X is offered in a straight 16” 100% natural unprocessed virgin Remy hair. It comes in a natural black color, but thanks to its unprocessed nature, it can be bleached, permed, and dyed. The front piece of the pack is one of the most interesting, based on popular wig techniques, it’s a full 13×4” piece of lace. This means it can be stretched or trimmed to fit any head size. This same stretchiness and the lightweight nature of the hair means that it’s very comfortable for everyday wear. Although there aren’t as many gaps as you would have in a normal weave, the thinness of the layer and the flexibility and softness of the lace mean that you don’t lose any comfort.  


Another advantage of Triple X is that the product can be used multiple times. The high-quality nature of the hair combined with the unique and durable base means that it will hold up longer than your average weave. Plus, it puts less stress on your own natural hair and scalp. Lastly, and most importantly, a full head style in Triple X takes thirty minutes or less. Are you halfway to the beauty supply yet? We’ll meet you in line.