Quick Looks For Long Days

Vivica Fox’s Hair Collection Brings Us Life Saving Looks For On The Go!

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The last thing we want to spend extra time worrying about while we’re prepping for our daily hustle is what to do with our hair. When you’re desperate to get a few extra Z’s or need a style that fits stricter guidelines, you know you can trust Vivica.

We’re all about two of the latest launches from the renowned actress. With as hard as Vivica has worked throughout her career, you know she’s got an easy style trick or two hidden up her sequined sleeves. The Bang N Pony and Capdo both make styling a cinch and effortless. Whether you’ve got to be out the door in five minutes or five seconds, you can have a flawless, stylish look.

Designer Kia McKenzie was inspired by social media stars and all the working women she’s encountered over the years, including herself. McKenzie tested all of the versions (and a few extra) herself before they went into production. It’s through her keen eye for detail and trend forecasting that’s led to the wide variety of styles available in the Bang N Pony range.

The Bang N Pony style is all over social media; from Pinterest to Instagram, you’ll find countless versions. This is because it’s a celebrity staple and such an easy, protective look. To use the Bang N Pony, you simply pull your natural hair into a high, tight bun with gelled sides and then pop the piece on top. For most, it takes less than ten minutes to finish the look. Not only is it quick, the high-quality hair fiber is sleek and soft making it look professional and polished.

For the even busier gal, Capdo is an absolute game changer. Not only do you have a sleek and trendy style in the amount of time it takes to put on a hat, but it’s the perfect solution for women working in places where they need to keep their hair restrained. We all know someone who works in the food industry, and the number of styles that wind up being work appropriate, but also cute are very limited. Capdo means you have a quick and easy way to follow those rules, give your natural hair a break, and spend more time enjoying your morning coffee.

Images from Vivica Fox and Pinterest.