Unleash Your Inner Vixen: After years of development, Sensationnel launches the Vixen Wig

This month, we’re bringing you an indepth look at Vixen, an amazing wig that took the team at Sensationnel years to perfect. The care of their efforts was rewarded with the launch of this amazing wig, a stunning piece that we expect will be an instant classic. One look at this style and you’ll see what we mean. The construction is flawless, with its unique part system that allows you to be as creative with your hairstyles as you want.


We received a sample from Sensationnel in a mix of 1B/Burgundy and let us be the first to tell you that the burgundy hair trend is still strong and this shade, in particular, proves it’s here to stay. The fiber itself is soft and sleek and even straight out of the package, it’s clear that the wig is stunning. When we dropped it off with our stylist (stay tuned next month for our full photoshoot), it was debuted briefly with awe and envy. Everyone is going to want one of these. We’re not exaggerating.


Vixen is part of the Cloud 9 Swiss Lace Wig collection and it’s currently available in a Vixen Yaki 24” style. It comes with six built-in combs as well as adjustable straps to keep it secure. The swiss lace is extra soft for greater comfort and a natural look. Each of the four parts are hand-tied and pre-plucked with baby hairs along the edges and nape so you can wear countless styles.


We wanted to get to know a little more about the development about this incredible wig, so we caught up with Sensationnel’s Louis Choi, the R&D Manager who was vital to the creation of this amazing wig.


Development for the concept that would become Vixen started back in about 2015, Choi explained that a dutch braid style worn by Kim Kardashian sparked a style craze that had their team inspired. “Sometimes it seems like the market is already saturated,” Choi noted, explaining that it’s often difficult to develop new, unique products. But social media and bloggers have really been an inspiration to him and his team.


Amazingly enough, the development for what would become Vixen started before the popularization of the Vixen Sew-In method. Choi explained that his team was taking note of hair trends and was looking into how to create a wig cap that would allow for more versatility. The parting was the most important part. They needed something that would have a part from far front to far back, then as they continued developing they decided that a horizontal part would also be necessary. This enables wearers to have completely clean parts when putting the hair up in a topknot or space buns, as well as in the braid style that originally inspired the wig.


The next step was to find a way to actually produce the concept for retail. Choi noted that it took a while to find the right manufacturers, and even longer to bring the concept to reality. In honing the design, they added baby hairs to the front and nape, making them longer and in a C-curl to allow consumers to get the most natural style possible. After excessive market testing, the design was perfected and Vixen was born.


The design is already a hit, Choi explained that everyone they’ve introduced it to has fallen under Vixen’s spell. The team at CosmoBiz is no different, we’re obsessed and can’t wait to see the next additions to the line. In January, the company will be launching wavy and curly options to the line. We can not wait!