Empire’s New Colors Will Change the Game

For the last few years, the color trends for wigs and extensions have been all over the board. Consumers are looking for unique colors more than ever and are fickle about what exactly they want. Bold colors in jewel tones have been huge, but so have simple, more natural shades. In the world of extensions, many consumers have turned to natural blacks and dark browns, but more recently we’re even seeing neons! This shows that most consumers are looking for a style that gives them both a hint of natural with a glimmer of fantasy.


Enter Empire with MBlue and MPurple.


The Empire line by Sensationnel has already been causing a stir thanks to its reasonable price and impressive quality. The line was released right as the consumer demand for high-quality human hair at mid-range prices was at it’s highest, and Empire has managed to keep a firm hold on this segment of the market. This has been, in part, thanks to the ceaseless efforts of their design team to ensure they’re finding the perfect addition to keep the line ahead of the trends.


This is where the two new shades come in. With a subtle mix of 1B/MBlue and 1B/MPurple, the designers at Sensationnel have perfected the color pattern everyone’s been looking for. The two deep indigo and violet shades have been incredibly hot, and it’s no wonder consumers are looking for new ways to get into this trend with a new take. This blending of the natural and bold color styles is the perfect, new look for the Fall and Winter. While these shades may not fly in conservative offices or schools, the color is still tame enough that even those wary of the bold-color trends are going to want to rock this.


While several companies have launched versions of this color, following the oil slick trend, we believe that this launch within the Empire line will be one of the most well received. With Empire’s cult from both older women who enjoy the quality and younger customers who like the trendiness, the potential audience with new customers is massive. We expect it will be hard to keep these shades in stock.


As of publication date, we do not have specifics on which styles will be available in the new shades (we hope all) or when (we hope soon) we do know that they’ll be well received. The Empire line covers a ton of ground—the collection has an incredibly diverse range of styles. With styles that go from tight curls to stick straight, pixie cut to just above the waist, and a combination of weaves and wigs, Empire has ensured there’s something for everyone.  

We can’t wait to see how consumers style this amazing, new launch and we look forward to seeing how the company uses the new color. If our hunch is right, we expect they’ll be wanting to make more items available in these two hues, and we’ll be running to the beauty supply when they do.